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This is one bus two services 1) serving at the window 2) book your event with us

One Bus Two Services

1) Serving at the window

CJD Home-kitchen got its name after the hearth of the business, Chef John Davenport. His 35 years of experience in the restaurant business brings restaurant-quality into our mobile kitchen. His passion for creating recipes gives a unique flavor to the dishes.

Our business is only one year old, and this first year is our learning curve. We learned that high quality builds a stable business in the long run. But people need to recognize our name and taste the flavors first.

We realized the need for food service in places where people come together for various reasons, and they spend an extended time there. These are sports events, festivals, outdoor entertainments, markets, offices, apartment complexes, and the list is still growing.

We are looking for these opportunities to deliver our service to as many residents of Panama City as possible.

Our online order option helps with a preorder for those places where we need to serve a large number of people in a short time. It speeds up the serving time, mostly in workplaces where lunchtime is limited. 

We are a mobile business without a permanent location. Following our Facebook page helps to find us. We post our availability there. 

See our dishes!

One Bus Two Services

2.) Book your event with us - we are catering

When you're organizing a gathering of over 35 people, you can call us and negotiate the details.

You can have a birthday, wedding, reunion, any celebration, or a day-long meeting where you want to render lunch for the participants - our mobile kitchen can provide in Panama City area the service to accommodate your guests.

It can be as simple as having our regular menu served by individual requests for a flat rate plus a setup fee.

It could be a special menu that you request and pay by plate.

We can set up a buffet-style service where we take care of the buffet line.

The setup fee depends on the distance and the time that we suppose to spend on the event.

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850 532 2016


CJD Home-kitchen core staff is the Davenport family with many years of restaurant experience. Chef John’s son learned his dad’s secrets next to him for 20 years.


We prepare all of our dishes from scratch. The uniqueness of the flavors is lying in Chef John’s recipe creations of the sauces and meals. Try his Gumbo, Tuna dip, BBQ sauce. His recipe of the jerk sauce and cilantro cream sauce produces his unique Jerk Chicken Nacho.


As a starter business, our search for a place led us to the Historic St. Andrews Market. It feels like our home, where we return every Saturday to serve our community.


We are available to provide high-quality food service for private events of over 35 people. Contact us at

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