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One bus, two services

It is an interesting time to start a business in 2020.

 Everything is upside down. The small businesses were hit by the frequently changing regulations by local, state, and federal authorities. They had a huge effect, especially in the foodservice.

 With 35 years of experience as a chef, depending on the navigation of the restaurant owner in this uncertain time, with the decreased income to the quarter of the normal, I decided to take my financial life in my hand and go for my 10-15-years old dream to become my own boss.

 During my military service, I lived in the Philippines for ten years and learned their cooking. Later on, I worked for an Italian restaurant owner and learned authentic Italian cuisine, and it became my specialty.
 I feel like this unique situation in the world just kicked me over the fence. It gave me the firm decision to finally start my own business.

I dreamed of more than just a food truck.

My mobile kitchen gives me the ability to go to my customers. I see it as an advantage to a restaurant. I have experience in catering through my long years in the restaurant business. Except, this time, I can take my entire kitchen with me and provide a high-quality service.

I can render food services for any occasion. From business meetings, workplace celebrations to birthdays, weddings, or reunions.

Our Philosophy

We believe in quality. We want our customers to remember the taste of our food for a long time. When they can’t get it out of their head, and they feel the need to share their experience with others, then we did a good job. We want to build a solid base for our business. Using the best promotion - word of mouth - will not speed it up. But it keeps the bustaurant in slow, steady growth.